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the fresh perspective you need about the current every day grind for black women.

out [the box] co-founder Brianna Roach - aka bee nicole - is coming hard to your laptops & mobile devices with “chillin’ with Miss bee nicole”, the top new show on 72.9 The Voice!


Stream Saturdays @ 3.00p


from the host.

Words Float Across Air Like Butterflies,
Real Convo With Real People In Real Time;
Paying Homage To Women The World Despise.
Breaking Barriers, Talking About Real Life -
Give Me The Mic I’ll Give You Gold.
Time For My Story To Be Told.
Remember My People -
We NEVER Fold!
Check Me Out -
Chillin’ With Miss Bee Nicole.

bee nicole is a:


Event Planner

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Episode Library

Catch all the conversation from each episode of “Chillin”. 

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